Being Happy

Got this forward this week from a good friend. Sharing this. Wishing all of you a very warm, safe, happy and Prosperous Happy New Year 2009!

  1. Endeavor to change the way you look at things. Always look at the bright side. The mind may drag you to think about negativity and difficulties. Don’t let it. Look at the good and positive side of every situation.
  2. Think of solutions, not problems.
  3. Listen to relaxing, uplifting music.
  4. Watch funny comedies that make you laugh.
  5. Each day, devote some time to reading a few pages of an inspiring book or article.
  6. Watch your thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, start thinking of pleasant things.
  7. Always look at what you have done and not at what you haven’t.
  8. Look at what you have done, not at what you have not been able to do. You may have accomplished a lot during the day, and yet you let yourself become frustrated, because of some small things that you did not accomplish. You have spent all day successfully carrying out many plans, and instead of feeling happy and satisfied, you look at what was not accomplished and feel unhappy. It is unfair toward yourself.
  9. Each day do something good for yourself. It can be something small, such buying a book, eating something you love, watching you favorite program on TV, going to a movie, or just having a stroll on the beach.
  10. Each day do at least one act to make others happy.When you make someone happy, you become happy, and then people try to make you happy.
  11. Always expect happiness.
  12. Do not envy people who are happy. On the contrary, be happy for their happiness.
  13. Associate with happy people, and try to learn from them to be happy. Remember, happiness is contagious.
  14. Do your best to stay detached, when things do not proceed as intended and desired. Detachment will help you stay calm and control your moods and reactions. Detachment is not indifference. It is the acceptance of the good and the bad and staying balanced. Detachment has much to do with inner peace, and inner peace is conductive to happiness.
  15. Smile more often!

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