silence economy

I have been thinking and feeling a lot about silence. You can find posts on this topic in my blog : silence : Infact I lived the last 2 years of my life trying to appreciate in better πŸ™‚

This quote by Lao Tzu is so profound! Silence is a source of great strength

Meditating on silence

I mention about it in the following posts : Being Creative ; Creative Silence ; LoCuSt Theory . 2 years back i was so much into internet and mobile, I suddenly felt if I was too dependent on it. What if, I asked myself, I don’t have the connection? Will I be okay and happy? Am I too social? Can I be happy with myself and people around me? Or am I addicted to the internet to the extent that its a relationship I am dependent on? Hence over the last 700+ days I completely withdrew myself and now I am back to full form myself. Happy to say, I can go to an island and still remain happy with out electricity πŸ™‚ The internet and mobile with facebook, twitter and google definitely keep me happy and entertained. But I shall be happy and thriving without it as well …

Coming back to the topic of the post, I see the whole world economy as a result of the human kind not be at ease with the silence. As I said in my earlier post, Locust Theory : The whole universe is built around Nothingness or impermanence. Actually a massive silence. The absolute truth is nothingness or silence!

The whole modern materialistic, capitalistic world seems to be making money from the inability of people to be at peace with the silence. The economy of the growth i.e. GDP is a measure of how much the country is working towards filing this silence! The only problem I see with this is its fundamentally unstable. Growth where the foundation of the economy is silence is more sustainable and democratic. Growth that is more thought out – a step though slower definitely towards a stronger, better and richer tomorrow. I think India’ growth trajectory is in the right direction with focus on sustainable development, long term development as the future i.e. as per needs and abilities. Of course, there is a balance of power, a big gap in the socio-economic structure. But the inclusive development will happen in sometime … if not now definitely by 2050! the internet and mobile will play a very critical role in this.

HAR PAL … KUCH ZAROORI ( Every Moment … something u need ) a new product we are re-launching and re-branding where I work. I guess this will add more fuel to the economy in general : πŸ˜‰ and we take a cut! Hopefully in the more sustainable way.Β  Only time will tell but I am sure we are onto something really big here. Possibly the next google or facebook? I am sure this will be addictive. Atleast thats my job role to make it addictive – hope I live up to the expectations!

Coming to the more details of the silence economy, this is how the economy functions. In order to get away from the silence, a person, institution or group of people can do one of the following things:

  • create
  • consume
  • comment
  • curate
  • collaborate (co-create)
  • destroy
  • share

Depending where you are in the value making or consumption chain your either make or spend money! Thats the gyan session for today πŸ™‚ too much philosophy. Next blog post on ‘life’ would be either on anger or how / why the future of money will be barter in the open, social and free world πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “silence economy”

  1. First of all @Jace, glad to see you. I heard from Vinayak that you are one of the survivors of the fire accident at Carlton Towers.
    @Vinu, very thought provoking post but contradictory also. If I am at peace with nothingness and silence, then I do one of the activities listed under silence economy it will lead to further activities and there we go again in the same loop. In fact almost everything has been created out of nothingness, I dont think capitalistic economy is to blame for making money out of people’s not being at ease with their silence. The fact is that the day men became more secure and safe in the jungles and from natural fatalities, they started investing their intelligence and time in agriculture, inventions, discoveries, building basic infrastructure and art and gradually it lead to governance, organised religion and economy. If you read about how ancient societies evolved from hunter gatherers to more organised and more culturally evolved groups you would know what I am talking about. That cultural evolution has still not stopped and that is why we have changed as people and have become more isolated with real people and more social on internet. We look for spiritual silence and peace to run away from all the clutter that we have created for ourselves because of all the knowledge we have found and created in this process of cont. evolution & revolution. Once we are at peace with our natural silence (the way may be God or nature intended it) our inner voice starts looking for ways to channelise the unspent energy and that is what I think you have also reffered to in the silence economy. People who can remain at peace I think become saint and like to stay away from all the hocus pocus the rest go back in the loop and again take a break after some time.

    That’s my take…if we all become ok with our silence and be happy without electricity, internet, communication and nothingness that day we will stop evolving or may be evolve in some other way but if we do evolve in some other way, the mind again is working and not at rest.

    I hope I made some sense.


  2. Hi Hello apart…

    I agree with the nothingness theory in principle, but in the real world such romanticism and utopia don’t work. I am caught between the two, at one hand am a romantic at the other I just don’t understand these Utopian philosophies. I can guess we gonna debate this at length when we meet πŸ™‚

  3. Vinu,

    i disagree that the entire economy is built around filling silence. I think filling silence is a sophisticated higher order need that assumes that basic “needs” are met. In my view, a bunch of stuff is done for just survival – for eg, construction of a house is for protection from the weather, agriculture has been built around food security – without this “noise”, you would not be able to live. All major “gdp” contributors cater to a core need.

    Your statement is perhaps relevant in a much diluted form than you state it, in highly urbanized societies. The “social media” world that we tend to live in perhaps thrives on a need to stay connected. But the need to stay connected again comes from a need to ensure survival. More the people you know with whom you can form a connection, the more the odds that you will be helped. Imho, Survival, a need to preserve life seems to be at the bottom of many things, which is manifested directly or indirectly in various forms. The silence economy as you call it – and i will include only some forms of the entertainment industry in it, such as clubs, restaurants, all social places, etc – is a small segment of the overall economy which is survival based.

    Have laboured my point enough πŸ™‚

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