The wall and the egg

Just read an amazing article about a speech by HARUKI MURAKAMI {About him from Wikipedia: His works of fiction and non-fiction have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Franz Kafka Prize and the Jerusalem Prize, among others. Murakami’s fiction, often criticized by Japan’s literary establishment, is humorous and surreal, focusing on themes of alienation and loneliness.[2] He is considered an important figure in postmodern literature. The Guardian praised Murakami as “among the world’s greatest living novelists” for his works and achievement}

The article The novelist in wartime at Salon talks about the individual (egg) and the System (wall). Some nice excerpts (for my reference mostly) – applies a lot to India!

“Between a high, solid wall and an egg that breaks against it, I will always stand on the side of the egg.”

Yes, no matter how right the wall may be and how wrong the egg, I will stand with the egg. Someone else will have to decide what is right and what is wrong; perhaps time or history will decide. If there were a novelist who, for whatever reason, wrote works standing with the wall, of what value would such works be?

What is the meaning of this metaphor?

It carries a deeper meaning. Think of it this way. Each of us is, more or less, an egg. Each of us is a unique, irreplaceable soul enclosed in a fragile shell. This is true of me, and it is true of each of you. And each of us, to a greater or lesser degree, is confronting a high, solid wall. The wall has a name: it is “the System.” The System is supposed to protect us, but sometimes it takes on a life of its own, and then it begins to kill us and cause us to kill others — coldly, efficiently, systematically.

Take a moment to think about this. Each of us possesses a tangible, living soul. The System has no such thing. We must not allow the System to exploit us. We must not allow the System to take on a life of its own. The System did not make us: We made the System. That is all I have to say to you.

Life is good

I came across these amazing words while watching various seasons of Dexter. Simply love the seasons – great acting, direction and screenplay. Just wish the Indian TV Mega serials come up to these standards in the next 50 odd years! :-)

Last 2 years have been challenging. I am slowly recovering and my views about me and the world around me are evolving. Loosing control, grasp of reality and then choosing to forgive and moving on – a circle I am experiencing second time in life. Just sharing these hoping someone will read and reflect.

This is Dexter at the end of a season thinking where he stands in life

Maybe I’m making the biggest mistake of my life. But who’s perfect? Certainly not me. Sure I’m still who I was, who I am.

Question is what do i become? There are so many blanks left to fill in.

But right now at this moment I’m content. Maybe even … Happy!
And I have to admit when all is said and done … Life is good.

Dexter and sister have this conversation on how she got back to being normal post the trauma of finding out that her fiance was the killer she was trying to investigate and she almost got killed by him

I’d have done almost anything to get out from under the weight of it all.

How’d you finally do it?

I just – just saw through it. You decide who you are, who you want to be… and you hold onto that and ride it out. Like an old-west sheriff.

And Dexter’s thoughts when he starts learning that his Dad was not a perfect man and he needs to choose his own path in life and society

I’m a master now. An idea transcended into life. And so this is my new path. Which is a lot like the old one. Only mine. To stay on that path I need to work harder. Explore new rituals – evolve.

Am I evil? Am I good? I’m done asking those questions. I don’t have the answers. Does anyone?