What is n2o.ooo?

www.n2o.ooo (beta) is a like an informal social network on video. It’s like Periscope with more freedom. Basically, twitter on video. Once you are on video – you can either broadcast with friends or have a personal video call. All one has to do is share the URL. When you are broadcasting – just share the URL on facebook, twitter, email or whatsapp – all people need to do is click on the link. No need for registration.

One can create private or public chats on video/audio. Private chat is like Skype or Hangouts. Public Chats Rooms on video – you can broadcast the group chat (up to 10 people) live and others can interact with you on text (feature coming soon). Think of it like having an interview with someone and letting others view it. Have a healthy debate and give your opinion in a constructive way. Spread the word by sharing the URL of the room.

Our team sees this as coffee conversations that people are allowed to eavesdrop and perhaps contribute. People who want privacy can create a private room and have a video conference.

We are hoping that the platform becomes like an interactive user-generated TV channel. A TV channel for the people, by the people. Hope that the discussions on n2o will be self-moderated as people know they are speaking in public and will have sane discussions.

We think the beauty of the service is it is live only (not sure if we will have archival) though people can record the channel for later video on their mobile soon.

n2o can be seen like Yahoo chat rooms on video. Where the discussion is centred around topics rather than people. We expect 95% of the people will consume the content. 4.9% people will reshare or interact these live video channels. And around 0.1% of people to use broadcast mode.

We are making an iOS and Android App now. Idea behind n2o is instead of TV switch on n2o – watch people who are on air or create their own broadcast.

I feel time has come for us to have meaningful conversations. And there is nothing more satisfying than talking to one another on video. It is a feeling of ‘teleportation’ digitally on the screen.

We are seeing 50% viral rate and average session times of 5 mins. We are in soft launch mode. Kindly do give us your feedback. Check us out at www.n2o.ooo

Explanation of the name:
n2o (laughing gas) – pass the gas 🙂 and yeah ooo means (out of office!)

Do spread the word about www.n2o.ooo – try it with your friends and family. Start your own TV channel. If you want us to highlight you let us know. We see this platform emerging as an app store for user generated TV channels. Enough of the biased Mass media. Let’s have real people’s opinions.


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