Going clean on the go!

I wanted to write this close to a month back but here it goes out finally: My Friend Dhana along with her colleague launched MizPee and the response has been zimply phenomenal. She was just super duper excited last when I had a skype chat with her before leaving for my himalayan trip. Its the first product at YojoMobile (you can expect more cool ones from them soon!)

Well the main idea about the mobile solution is it does just one thing really really well – finding the closest, cleanest toilet!! {local ads are matched} Read more about it on the MizPee website and reviews here and there. A quick google search give 145k hits! I am like wow … talk about using the mobile for really personal stuff ;P

perspectives on social networking

Came across the article by Marlene (a PhD student in Denmark) at Social Computing titled 35 perspective on Online Social networking. On reading it I felt the enumeration was a tad to big but I felt the grouping in the end was neat. Do check out her blog – I liked her open style of writing and her background seems impressive. I especially liked couple of her post on ethnography. She finally groups the 35 perspectives on Social Networking in the following way :

Based on my – currently 35 – different perspectives I propose the following six overarching categories:

Research perspectives – e.g. the identity perspective, the youth perspective, the language perspective, the genre perspective, the materialistic perspective, the learning perspective, the creative perspective, the Community of Practice perspective and so on. All of those perspectives could (and should) be a way of researching online social networking and youth. (I am on it :))

User perspectives – e.g. the social perspective, the friendship perspective, the democratic perspective, the love perspective, the reassurance perspective, the sincerity perspective, the public perspective etc. Those perspectives could also be viewed as different motives that the users have for using social networking sites.

Professional or learning perspectives – To this category belongs the perspectives that consider the learning possibilities of social networking or see how it can be used in a (future) professional life. We have here the network perspective, the group work perspective, the source critique perspective, the technological perspective, the creative perspective, the Community of Practice perspective and more.

Adult or parents perspectives – In this category we have the voices from the worried parents or other adults who have a hard time understanding why the youngsters spend so much time in front of the screen. This is for example the time-consuming perspective, the anti-social perspective, the generation gap perspective, the language perspective, the consumer perspective, the public perspective etc.

Moral panic or news media perspectives – Some perspectives emerge out of a public concern or a news media discourse where creating selling headlines comes into play. Thus, we have in this category the paedophile and predator perspective, the bullying perspective, the sex perspective, the network perspective, the youth perspective, the public perspective and so on.

Marketing perspectives – In this category we find the marketing or business perspectives such as the consumer perspective, the materialistic perspective, the branding perspective, the surveillance perspective and the hardcore business perspective.

The various perspectives when grouped make sense. Reading the article couple of time might give you an insight. If you are from India – think about all the news Orkut has made and reflect on the various categories – it will make a lot of sense!!

BCB 4 – Collectives …

My phone buzzed this morning with the Kal Ho Na Ho … tune and I heard: Am I talking to Vinukumar? I replied: Yes. He said he was Arun – had met him during Barcamp Chennai and I said ok. He reminded me we had interacted decently then and as that he was the brother of guy behind taazza. I think i kind of remember him now. asked him – what happened to Taazza and he said its up and running. checked it out and I think its cool. Check out Taazza. With that and Justsamachar – I think you can forget rest of the news sites easily!!

Anyway, the main point – Barcamp Bangalore (BCB) is round the corner. Head over to http://barcampbangalore.org – they have a wiki up and also you confirm participation in the wiki or on facebook events.

Barcamp Bangalore

Arun assured me, as part of the organizers group, everthing is being taken care of. The message seemed to be – ‘get the JUNTA’ ;-). So, if the Q is when and where:

July 28 and 29, 2007 at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB).

This Barcamp is centered around concept of Collectives. A slightly more detailed list of topics for people to hangout around. Check out the Collectives page on the BCB 4 wiki page. I think its a neat idea. The Collectives that have emerged: ( <= my interests )

I have been asked to put some force into the Bloggers Collective and I am keen towards it. Sanjukta and I are meeting at CCD, MG Road this Saturday around 5pm – other do join us. Basically spread the word and join us for the pre-meets if you can?

May 2nd half links

Some new websites to poke around:

And then some interesting posts:

On MSFT’s realignment =>Jeff Raikes is now operating an organization that stacks up against IBM (and Red Hat, Sun and Apache). Robbie Bach’s group was already squared off against Apple and Sony.Now, Kevin Johnson’s group is tailored for the fight with Google — over search, advertising, consumer online services and control of the personal computing experience. It also has room for Yahoo!

teens it is!

The tech blogosphere is talking about teens and Guy rolling in with an article with Goldstein

  1. Question: Why do teenagers blog?

    Some teens still keep written diaries with their deepest thoughts
    scrawled in them hidden away in their bedrooms, but this generation is
    more comfortable putting that stuff out there for their friends—and
    often the general public—to read.

    Most teens blog
    as yet another way to communicate with their friends. They are more
    about the commenting back and forth and keeping the conversation going
    than writing lengthy blog posts. That said, there are lots of teens who
    post poetry and photographs and who actively journal on their blogs as
    well as teens who blog about specific topics like tech or music. Check
    out this teen-run blog network: Random Shapes.

  2. Question: What is healthy sexual behavior for a teenager?

    That’s a tricky question. I believe in teaching teens about human
    sexuality with a more holistic and developmental approach vs. focusing
    on just whether or not to have it and what kinds of diseases you can
    catch if you do.

    A really positive and accurate site for teens about sex is Sex, etc.
    Teens meeting strangers online to “hook up” is rare—it does happen, but
    I would venture to say it’s a teen who is already engaging in other
    kinds of high-risk behaviors. Is “cybering” healthy sexual activity?
    I’m not a psychologist, but it’s definitely safe sex!

  3. Question: What big brands truly “get” teenagers?

    I’m not saying this just because you worked with Apple, but ever since
    the iPod launched, teens love Apple as much as any Mac fanatic. And
    it’s not that Apple is marketing to them specifically, they just have
    created great products and design that teens are crazy about. While MTV
    has ceded some of its trendsetting dominance to the internet, you can’t
    underestimate their understanding of teens and how to reach them. Other
    brands teens love: Nike, Toyota Scion, Xbox, Sony PS2/PSP, and Nintendo.