Madras Music Season

Finally 45 days of awesomeness in Chennai. The real beauty of living in Madras ( Chennai ) is here to be enjoyed! Its winter (albeit some small rain hung over) and its time to listen to great carnatic music, great food, party over New Years and top it with some sports action of the Chennai Tennis Open.

A quick short guide on the MMS i.e. Margazhi Music Season

Locations of sabhas (halls)


Schedule for Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan – best according to me :-) { AC and food just across the road}

Best part is till Dec 14th all the Halls have free music. All you have to do is show up!

connecting ideas …

a mail from jono triggered me to post these links. I think there is a big gap to get a community based on design and making it work – good scope for a startup. Anybody enthu? I am in for sure:

PG Radio Concept Document

New Project I have taken up after moving to @ Bombay. Do drop in your thoughts!! BTW you can always see the latest document over here in terms of where we stand in the project …

Explore Internet radio as an alternative medium to connect to PG Users and disseminate information. Have Fun in the Process and get the Community Involved.

Log Book

  • Met Shreyas from Radioverve and proposed if they could setup technology backend for internet radio.
  • Deepu starts a thread proposing PG Radio.
  • Talk with Shreyas – Learn Legal Cheap Content needs effort. Need to plan out things.
  • Vinu asks for Volunteers and ideas for 6hrs content.
  • A core team is put together Google Group is created for communication.
  • Meebo chat room for anytime chat.

Core Team:
PaGaLGuY Members

7 Steps Process to Nirvana ;-)

  1. Find someone to host the radio and solve the problem in terms of technology
  2. Get a team of Volunteers from the pagalguy site
  3. Get Content
    1. Make Content
    2. Get Copyright free Content
  4. Gather Viewers
  5. Make the system work on auto pilot with help of community
    1. Have a Blog and Document the effort
  6. Get Advertisers
  7. Share Monies
    1. Technology Provider
    2. Community Volunteers
    3. Content Provider
  8. Do Technology on own if it makes sense in terms of expertise and Bandwidth
  9. Hire someone do take it to the next level

link burrp!

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General Fun
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Social Networking and Communities

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Personal Productivity

Get Off Your Butt: 16 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump | zen habits
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july link overload!

Another buzy month buzzed away, so many things to blog but I decided to try and focus on work more … was decently productive ;-) BTW I am looking for a partner for this project on – 3191 – Lemme is someone is interested!
Good wordpressBlogs

Some nice readings …

mobile programs for Nokia E50

Well, my mind was torn between buying a Nokia E65, HTC Touch and waiting for the iPhone (Wi-Fi Phones). As each needed around 50% of my monthly (yeah I am taking home less than my student salary I was earning 3 yrs back … talk about personal progression!), I decided to ditch them and revert back from to my Nokia E50. I had given the Nokia E50 to my Dad for him to experience the new mobile life. His Employer (SBI) has given him a Nokia N70 and he is happy :-)

Having lived 5 solid months on a low end mobile with no internet – I felt different. My whole experience shifting to Bangalore has been different. Spent a few months with no net, no TV, no FM and no Newspaper at home. With Mobile being the sole companion … a revealing experience more on that later. But I searched on the net to equip my mobile with some programs and here are some links I found useful! Some of them did not install on my mobile as I have not upgraded the software on my phone I think. Here are some themes, games and utilities!!!