walled communities

I was about to comment at Vijay’s post with the following:

So result: welcome to www.pagalguy.com ;-)!

But I decided to make it a post. After all blogs are all about conversations? Anyway, I think Vijay’s statement in his post Beacon Unplugged is slightly flawed (do read his post).

There is this basic ideology. The paradox of the masses. Whenever at any given network the number of members become too huge, the system starts to break down.

the aove statement is not totally true. I think, Networks are like fractals … the system actually starts to cluster internally especially when people are involved πŸ™‚ Any system that allows that i.e tools for fractalization built in with scale is the future.

Two things that are important for a striving community (niche social networks) to thrive are:

  • Entry Barrier / Criterion for all stakeholders
    • Passion
    • Need
    • Validity of both of them
  • Sustainability Mechanics for all of them
    • Moderation
    • New things (tools + content)
    • Guidelines

Certain basic need to start such communities are one of the 4Cs :

  • Content
  • Connectivity
  • Community
  • Commerce

All of this can be user generated (its better even if its slow) as it will be step in the right direction. This is validated according to me in real and virtual worlds in all aspects of the matrix.

Anyway thanks to Vijay, Rain in Mumbai to make me start writing again. Have a gut feeling … lots of posts will be coming.


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