nude collage

My mind goes … wow! hmmmm woo … wow! amazing .. kewl! hot ….The image is raw and powerful. Creativity and emotional thoughts come jutting out. Sensousness is cut down to the lowest level. Its just how its presented here! Go here for the real source (flickr as usual)! You can see the collage starts with female body on the left and ends with male body on the right. The black and white tones are diverse. The lighting moods drastic and soft. I just love how some of the images are raw and yet some very subtle. In short the contrast and the dual nature in the one package (circular presentation) is the clincher here! i.e Bipolarity = beauty = creativity

on a spiritual note …

I am feeling spiritual this weekend. Tomorrow I shall come back and write out my thoughts… Mind you feeling spiritual not religious. But I have one thought in the back of my mind “Why am I feeling spiritual?” Is it because I am tired or I am bored or I am looking for more excitement or very stressed or missing company. May be its just part of growing up!


creative bags

I got this lovely forward from a friend of mine. It had pictures of how creative you can get with shopping bags. Throwing it out into the online cloud :-).

Somehow, apart from these bags – I have loved packaging good in general. Have observed designs in stores. Especially love the way a mac and ipod is packaged. I still remember opening my powerbook and the macmini!





giving meaning to life …

Kalu Rinpoche:

The first thing upon which we should meditate
Is our precious and fleeting human life,
Hard to obtain, and easy to destroy;
I will now give it meaning.

I relate to this very much. The last year I have been trying to give it meaning and believe me its easier said than thought!! Leave doing it :-)

why do we need entertainment?

I have been lately thinking why I/we need entertainment? It has its own benefits – Pros and cons. But I am also looking at it from also a business perspective. Here is the mind map image (created using freemind software) – kindly do add to the list in the comments section or by mailing me! If you are not able to see the image fully as I keep changing my presentation style of the blog you can view the image here.

Taking it a step further which would you like on your mobile and which ones on the net?