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In case people wonder what I do for a living : Read RESUME … he he

Education :
IIT Madras 02, UC Berkeley 05

Passions :
Impact of Media (visual / audio), MEMS, Games,
Mobile Systems, Internet, Design, Technology for Education and Health

Music, Movies, Photography, Enjoying nature, Playing Violin, Graphics, Business / Entrepreneurship / Managment, Spirituality, Design, Technology, Mobile / Wireless


51 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey Vinu..
    Are you into programming and doing stuff in bombay..?
    well i do have some ideas for mashups for the web 2.0
    let me know if you know passionate people in open source and wud like to develop something fun.

  2. Hey Vinu, the SRWS blog are nice … do you keep records of old students ? do you know students from the 1979 batch ? If you do please do let me know … i am looking for them but can’t find them 😦


  3. oye, have u heard this song before? Koi yaha aha naache naache, Koi waha aha Naache naache, oia ouia? This song started playing in my mind the moment I visited your blog. Crazy na? 😀

  4. Hi there,

    I’m in the works with a friend here in setting up the first MobileCamp in New Delhi next month. Since you attended a previous BarCamp in the area would you have any fellow campers or others interested you could put us in touch with?

    Our link: http://mobilecampnewdelhi.pbwiki.com/

    Much appreciated!

    Crystal Ginn

  5. hey, that photo of yours with the Buddhist monk burning himself, is that real? Did you capture it? Do you happen to knw why he did that?

  6. On behalf of the many thousands of people who have now found your images online after the tragic events in Mumbai, thank you for sharing these images. You have a good eye, excellent camerawork — it gives us a lens into what you and others must be experiencing there.

  7. Vinu,

    Your photos have made a great impact on me and may be so many others. I cried as I saw photos of blood, helpless people and poorly equipped cops who are supposed to defend us from ak47 weilding terrorists. It must have been a terrible night for you and so many other Mumbaikars. We as a nation dont deserve this terror.


  8. Hi Vinu,

    before am few minutes I saw your Mumbai-Pictures in CNN here in Germany. It is horrible! And I feel with the people, especially because for two times I was in India (long ago) and like it very much. There is no excuse for this kind of terror neither in India nor in the rest of the world.
    So with all my sympathy from Berlin,

  9. Hi Vinu,

    I’m a producer at CBC News in Canada. We’re a national morning television news program (sort of a Canadian CNN). Would you be available in about 4 hours to speak to us (I just saw from your last twitter you’re going to get some sleep).

    Send me an email when you have a chance. My address is: rebecca.silverstone@cbc.ca

    Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you,
    (416) 205-6309

    Rebecca Silverstone
    CBC News Morning

  10. Hi,
    I’m from CNN IBN Mumbai.. we loved your pictures and would like to feature you and your pictures on air as soon as possible. Could you please tell us how we can get in touch with you for an interview… Its very urgent.. Thank you. My email id is piya.hingorani@network18online.com

    Hoping to hear from you soon..


  11. Hi Vinu,

    I have been following your blog for the last 2 days and was wondering if you would like to participate in a short webchat about the mood of Mumbai in the aftermath of the attacks. For Sky News online

    The live webchat will be at 5:50pm (12:30pm UK TIME)

    please contact asap if you would like to particpate on the email provided

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards

    Gopal Virdee

  12. Hi Vinu, your photos are amazing!
    we are an austrian magazine and we would like to publish your photos in our next issue,please be so kind and contact me.


  13. Hi Vinu,

    I’m reaching out to you from TIME Magazine in New York. Pls. contact me as soon as you can, we are interested in your photos. I can be reached at 212.522.3308

    Thanks & best,
    -Deirdre Read.

  14. Vinu — more media requests. I’m from the Associated Press in Delhi and I’m hoping to interview you. You available to talk? Email me. Thanks

  15. Hi Vinu
    Thanks for letting NowPublic use your incredible photos of the Mumbai attacks.

    Our South Asia bureau chief Sanjay Jha is in Mumbai covering the story and would like to meet you and other contributors to say thanks. If you’re interested, please e-mail him at sjha@nowpublic.com

    Thanks again
    Rachel Nixon

  16. Hi Vinu!!!Im from the caribbean island of Jamaica and i absolutley luv ur photos!!Im very fascinated with India..seeing what the people r like,their culture…im 1/2 indian:)Ur photos really help!! Theyre great!!Keep Uploadng!!Very sorry about what been happening:(

  17. Dude, so many hits on IndiBlogger.in with everyone looking for your blog… I don’t think they’re finding the right vinu though! Why don’t you register?

    Awesome photographs… must have scarred you for life I’m sure. I’ve added you as a contact on Flickr.

    – Renie, The IndiBlogger Team

  18. Hi Vinu, doing a bit of a looking back story on citizen journalists and the role they played in last week’s terror attack.. could you please call me at 9820217409?

  19. Hi Vinu,

    I am co-founder of Bandhan.com.

    Saw your twitter update about matrimony. Try Bandhan.com, a matrimony search engine. You can search for profiles from many of the top services.

    ps: Sorry if this comes across as bad manner. Didn’t get your email address. Neither could I send DM.

  20. Hey Vino

    Can you please email me on monalarijani@yahoo.com. I need to contact you regarding your Mumbai Photos. I was thinking of using them and I need to talk to you about the copyright. It is kind of urgent if you can get back to me as soon as possible I appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time


  21. Hi!

    I enjoyed a lot visiting your blog, you’re a great traveller, so I’d like to know if you are interested in publishing a link to my
    travel website.
    I have also a couple of blogs, so I might return.
    Let me know if you’re interested.


  22. Vinu,

    I’m taking the lead of CNN international who contacted you over this forum about using your photos.

    I’d actually like a picture of you! I am currently the editor for a forthcoming mass communication book where the author discusses your poignant coverage of the Mumbai attacks. We’d love to run a photo of you alongside the discussion.

    Can you please contact me by email “to “expedite the process” as they say. Happy to give you a call if needed.


  23. Hi vinu i am Rushi from Vadodara(gujarat) & i am studing computer engg..
    Also like to design windows applications i read ur site its awsome..
    And also all the wallpapers u placed are just fantastic..

  24. Vinu,
    We are relaunching tamilnadu.com to be a global site for tamilnadu-related news, across a range of topics. I’d like you to be a regular contributor. If you’d like to repost or blog on the site, which will be new, and freshly designed, let me know asap.

    Please email me at vashiva@vashiva.com

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